If you love orange sherbet, head to Sara's!!

Back in July we loaded up the kids and took a road trip and visited my parents in Erie, PA. My entire extended family on my dad's side lives there, so it's always a good time with lots of cousins. One of our favorite spots to hit up while we are there is a little joint that sits at the entrance to Presque Isle Park, a 4 mile peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. 

Sara's has been around since 1980, and serves burgers, dogs, and fries, but we go there for the dessert! 

Sara's has the most amazing orange sherbet soft serve on the planet. You can get it straight up, or mixed in a vanilla twist. My favorite? Fill the cone with vanilla and put the sherbet on top. Seriously so good. Nowhere else have I ever had orange sherbet soft serve, have you? Usually it's just the standard chocolate and vanilla. I try to make it to Sara's at least twice per visit...I think we made it there three times this trip. Success!