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Lipstick magic!

Hello, and welcome to Lip Service with Karen! I'm Karen, wife to Derrick, slave mother to 4 beautiful girls, and your favorite lip crack dealer LipSense distributor! 
I found out about LipSense through a Facebook party in July of 2016 and hosted my own Facebook party before even getting my starter kit in the mail. (Who does that?!) I fell in love right away, told all my friends about it, and needed ALL THE COLORS. I couldn't find a local distributor to me, and after thinking about it for two months (essentially WASTING two months!!) bit the bullet and signed up in October. And I haven't looked back since. 
As of today, I have an incredible team of over 60 boss babes who have sold over $320,000 in skin care and color cosmetics. We empower women with confidence AND the most amazing lipstick you will EVER try. If you've tried it and love it, tell me what your favorite LipSense color is! If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for?! I offer a 100% money back gua…

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